Beulah Land set 1 - now available for pre-order.


We don't have an exact date for production, but it will most likely be in February or March of this year. Pre-orders are eligible for FREE SHIPPING and will be shipped as SOON as the product is available. (Free shipping is included automatically - you don't need to enter a voucher code.)

The set costs £150.  Some customers are asking if installment payment plans are possible. If your church would find it difficult to pay the whole cost at one time, email us on and we can work out a plan.

Beulah Land Set 1 is rich with the symbolism of our faith. The persons of the Trinity are represented by two hands and a red heart, the figure of Jesus, and the white dove. There is a rainbow, a tomb and a burst of light; sun and stars, hills and water lay the groundwork for building rich and suggestive landscapes. Over 200 story pieces are included in 25 carefully selected colours. Each story unfolds with classically beautiful visual effects. One 4 year old boy said it was "just like a movie".

If you are new to storytelling, you will feel confident starting with this set. Our manual includes complete instructions for assembling the story pieces (all you'll need is PVA glue and a pair of sharp small scissors) as well as detailed story scripts which tell you where and when to place figures and remove them and patterns to replace any pieces that get lost.


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Stories: Creation, Noah, Christmas, Apostle’s Creed/Life of Jesus
Age range: 3-11