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  • Bible ABC Matching Game
    Turn the cards face down, then turn over two. If they match - you keep them!  If not, turn them ...
    Ex Tax: £12.99 £12.99
  • Boat Puzzle - SALE! WAS £11.99
    Boats appear over and over in scripture – they are metaphors for the Christian journey and, through w...
    Ex Tax: £5.99 £5.99
  • Boat Stacking Toy
    Noah’s Ark, Jonah, Jesus calling his disciples, calming the storm ... the imagery of boats comes up o...
    Ex Tax: £39.99 £39.99
  • Boat With Sailors
    Jesus calling his disciples, calming the storm, breakfast on the shore of the lake, walking on the wa...
    Ex Tax: £29.99 £29.99
  • Butterfly Puzzle
    The butterfly has long been a symbol of resurrection.  This beautiful puzzle, made of natural ma...
    Ex Tax: £44.99 £44.99
  • City Building Blocks
    With trees, people, and city pieces, this 65-piece set can be used for storytelling or free play for ...
    Ex Tax: £44.99 £44.99