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  • A Child is Born Christmas Magnetic Playset
    Includes 18 magnets telling the story of Christmas.  Can be used for storytelling with a group or for free play by individuals and small groups. Age range: 3 and up ..
    Ex Tax: £12.99
  • A Child is Born Sticker Set
    Two sheets of lovely stickers showing the Christmas story - perfect for art projects, prizes, or gifts.   Ages: 3+ ..
    Ex Tax: £2.99
  • Bible ABC Matching Game - OUT OF STOCK.
    Turn the cards face down, then turn over two. If they match - you keep them!  If not, turn them over and try again - it's as simple as that.  No reading is required, and the game can be played by 1 or more players, either competitively or cooperatively. Children love the simplicity..
    Ex Tax: £12.99
  • David and Goliath Puzzle
    With simple yet detailed art, this puzzle is a great way to introduce children to the story of David and Goliath.  24 pieces. Age range: 3 and up ..
    Ex Tax: £8.99
  • In A Manger Matching Game - SALE! WAS £9.99
    A variation on the classic children’s game, this is a great way for children to explore the symbols and imagery of Christmas.   With the cards face down, children turn over two – if they match, they keep the pair.  If not, they turn the cards face down and try again.  Older child..
    Ex Tax: £6.99
  • In the Beginning Jigsaw Puzzle
    A sturdy 24-piece puzzle showing the Creation story in beautiful detail.  Perfect for RE lessons, Sunday Schools, Nurseries, and home. Ages: 3+ ..
    Ex Tax: £8.99