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  • A Child is Born Sticker Set - OUT OF STOCK
    Two sheets of lovely stickers showing the Christmas story - perfect for art projects, prizes, or gifts.   Ages: 3+ ..
    Ex Tax: £2.99
  • In A Manger Matching Game - OUT OF STOCK
    A variation on the classic children’s game, this is a great way for children to explore the symbols and imagery of Christmas.   With the cards face down, children turn over two – if they match, they keep the pair.  If not, they turn the cards face down and try again.  Older child..
    Ex Tax: £9.99
  • In the Beginning Jigsaw Puzzle
    A sturdy 24-piece puzzle showing the Creation story in beautiful detail.  Perfect for RE lessons, Sunday Schools, Nurseries, and home. Ages: 3+ ..
    Ex Tax: £8.99
  • In the Beginning Sticker Set
    Two sheets of lovely stickers showing the Creation story - perfect for prizes or art projects.  Printed on acid-free paper.   Ages: 3+ ..
    Ex Tax: £2.99
  • Moses Story Puzzle
    With simple yet detailed art, this puzzle is a great way to introduce children to the story of Moses in the bulrushes.  12 pieces. Age range: 3 and up   ..
    Ex Tax: £8.99
  • The Good News Easter Magnet Playset
    This popular magnetised storytelling set includes 18 pieces that help tell the story of Holy Week and Easter. Perfect for home, school, or church, and very durable, this will become a treasured resource.   Ages: 3+ ..
    Ex Tax: £14.99